Demi Ronda

The Entire History Of You


"The Entire History Of You" started out as a screenplay and became one of the most well-known episodes of the TV series Black Mirror. As a fan of the show, I decided to adapt the episode into a book version that allows readers to experience the story in a new way. If open the book, you can skip the redo section and begin with Part 1. Whenever you come across eyes with numbers, flip back to the redo section and locate the corresponding page numbers. This will take you through a journey of memories, similar to the format of the episode. 

    ︎ Script, Book Design

Surrealism and Hands


For this project, I explored the combination of my hands as an everyday object with the avant-garde art movement of surrealism through photography. I was able to capture the surrealistic essence of my hands and the other objects such as paint, miniature shoes/hands, clay, socks, rope, and glitter. The end result of this project was a series of images.

    ︎ Photography, Poster design

Letters To Pattern To Letters


This project created an experimental typeface by generating visually interesting and unique patterns from letters of the English alphabet, using techniques such as repetition, rotation, mirroring, and scaling. The patterns were then translated back into letters and showcased in a book that documented the process of making the experimental typeface.

    ︎ Type Design, Book Design

E-flux Notes


For this project, my group and I created a publication using riso printing, based on psychology articles from E-flux. We read through various articles and selected three that stood out to us. We created three different zines, each with its own unique design and focus. In each zine, we included one article, We compiled the zines into a package.

    ︎ Publication, Riso

collaboration with Remco van Baren, Imme Ratering,
Shenoa van Engen
, Mila Groeneveld